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A white woman smiles at the camera. She has asymmetrical brown hair, blue eyes, and is wearing a turquoise blouse, black blazer, and silver jewelry.
A diverse group of seven people sits at a table with laptops and pens. They are animatedly discussing something. The three people in the center of the photo are in clear focus, and are pointing at the table.

What people are saying about Joy

Ilana C.
Senior Strategist

[Joy] brings a wealth of marketing knowledge to the job. Her ability to organize and streamline campaigns is impressive, and she has a talent for activating projects across a variety of industries.

Joy’s attention to metrics and her ability to pivot based on campaign results is a valuable skill set… She is dedicated to learning and staying on top of industry trends.

Michael H.
CEO & Founder

What truly sets Joy apart is her unwavering commitment to inclusion, accessibility, and an optimal user experience in everything she does.

Her attention to detail and ability to create big ideas while simultaneously implementing them is truly remarkable. Joy’s dedication to her craft is matched only by her positive attitude and all-in work ethic.

Ari B.
Fractional CTO

I highly recommend Joy for her exceptional services in marketing strategy, web content, communications, data reporting, and workflow optimization… Joy is highly skilled in implementing big ideas and adapting to ever-changing trends.

Joy’s passion and attention to detail make her a valuable asset.

Kaitlan A.
Associate Marketing Director

My favorite thing about Joy is her natural curiosity and commitment to challenging the status quo. She doesn’t believe in simply doing things the way they’ve always been done and definitely isn’t the type to take the easy way out. She’s always learning and sharing what she uncovers…and her passion for diversity, equity, inclusion and justice inspire me to be a better marketer.